Ruben Amorim: Confusion over Liverpool target's release clause explained

The confusion around the release clause for Ruben Amorim appears to have been explained. The Sporting boss could be the next Liverpool manager.

Ruben Amorim is reportedly a major target of Liverpool's to be their next manager. Jurgen Klopp is stepping down at the end of the season, of course, and the Sporting boss is well-positioned to take his place.

There has been some confusion in recent weeks, however, over how much Amorim would cost. There's no doubt that he has a release clause in his contract - but how much is it for?

The Times has said it's around £17m, which is a very high figure and would make Amorim the fourth-most expensive manager in history. Fabrizio Romano, though, says it's even higher - around £25m.

Journalist Santi Aouna has offered an explanation for the confusion and huge difference in reports. He says the lower figure is for non-Portuguese clubs, while it's only domestic rivals who would need to pay the higher figure.

Liverpool shouldn't need to pay £25m to get Amorim, then - if they ultimately decide he's the man for them.

Ruben Amorim and his release clause

There is, however, a third claim. The Telegraph - and one or two others - suggest the actual figure to get Amorim is closer to £13m.

Now, it's possible the figure is more of a verbal agreement or simply what Sporting would be willing to accept. It's significantly lower than either figure mentioned elsewhere, though.

And if that is the 'true' price then there's little to stop Liverpool from paying it. Of course, it all depends on where they land with the research.

Amorim remains the favourite for the job after Xabi Alonso removed himself from contention. While there are rivals - including Inter's Simone Inzaghi - few tick all the boxes the way the Sporting manager does.

If that is the way Liverpool see it, the actual release clause may be irrelevant. They'll surely pay whatever it takes to secure their no.1 option.

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