Rio Ferdinand isn't sure 17-goal Liverpool star gets in Man United team

Rio Ferdinand isn't sure Darwin Nunez would get into the Manchester United team. The former defender gave his reasons.

Rio Ferdinand had an interesting discussion with Yungen on his YouTube channel this week. A main topic of discussion was, understandably, Manchester United vs Liverpool.

The two giants clash on Sunday in the FA Cup and so it was time for a combined XI - but only using players who are likely to feature on Sunday. That, admittedly, meant more United stars could sneak in.

One point of contention, however, was up top. Yungen, a Liverpool fan, was adamant that Darwin Nunez should be up top. Ferdinand wasn't sure - Rasmus Hojlund gets his vote

“Darwin has had a couple of good games!" he said. "Before this month you wouldn’t be sitting there with your chest out saying Darwin.

"I can’t give you Darwin over Hojlund with as much conviction as you’re saying.”

Darwin Nunez or Rasmus Hojlund

Nunez has had a good month, that's true. He's scored four times within the last 30 days, bumping his numbers to 17 for the season.

If you don't include the last month, the Uruguayan only has 13 goals. Coincidentally, this is also the number of goals Hojlund has for United this season.

It's also quite strange to criticise Nunez for having a small run of form, given all but one of Hojlund's Premier League goals have come in 2024 across a span of 34 days. He's had a fantastic spell - but that's 'all' it is to now.

We're just ignoring the fact that Nunez has 11 assists to Hojlund's three, apparently. None of the Liverpool man's came in the last month, either.

But really, this is just the latest example of Nunez not quite getting the respect he deserves for his season. He remains something of a figure of fun - a player not taken entirely seriously by opponents.

Nottingham Forest learned the hard way how wrong they were. United fans could suffer the same fate on Sunday.

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