Reporters BATTLE to interview Liverpool star after photo with Kylian Mbappé

Reporters have battled to interview Liverpool star Virgil van Dijk after he made an appearance at the Monaco GP.

The Monaco GP was Sunday and Virgil van Dijk made an appearance at F1's showpiece event. The Liverpool captain was taking it all in and certainly made the rounds.

He was photographed with McLaren's Lando Norris early on in the day, before meeting up with France striker Kylian Mbappé, who also made the short trip to the event.

Perhaps the most notable moment, though, came as Sky Sports' Martin Brundle fought his way to an interview with Van Dijk - who was already being interviewed. A Dutch journalist from Viaplay had the microphone to his compatriot but up came Brundle.

Brundle made it clear that Sky were 'at the front of the queue' for an interview here in a strange little exchange. It ended when the Viaplay man just walked off - and clearly wasn't too impressed.

Virgil van Dijk at the Monaco Grand Prix

Brundle, when he did get to questions, asked Van Dijk if it was his first time on the grid.

"Yeah, it's a really nice experience," said the Liverpool man. "It was always going to be a special experience coming here because it's a whole event and I'm really happy to be here.

"It is [electric down here], obviously the weather helps a lot, everything around it. I don't know how they cope with all the attention still - not even an hour before the race, it's crazy, but massive respect."

You know the attention must be on another level when one of the world's most famous footballers finds it 'crazy'. But there really isn't anything like the Monaco GP.

Van Dijk will find himself the centre of attention before long, though, as Euro 2024 kicks off. The Netherlands will look to their captain to lead them to glory - and what they hope can be their second major honour.

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