Report reveals Jurgen Klopp's man-motivation skills at Liverpool continue to shine

Liverpool remain in with a chance of winning four major trophies this season, which is certainly some going from the Reds.

The League Cup final against Chelsea awaits next month, whilst the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup are all still on offer, though the Premier League is obviously going to be a difficult turnaround.

Even so, the Reds remain with their foot firmly in each competition and The Athletic has revealed how Jurgen Klopp has managed to get performances out of players despite a smaller squad than some:

Anfield Watch Verdict

Klopp continues to excel.

The squad is not as big as some of those right at the top of the tree and yet Liverpool are competing more than well enough against them.

Hopefully, there's a trophy or two awaiting at the end of this campaign.

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