Anfield Watch: Relaunch

We're excited to announce the relaunch of Anfield Watch under new ownership, as part of the Realtimes publishing network.

The all-new Anfield Watch will be a platform for Liverpool fans, by Liverpool fans. We are dedicated to bringing you exceptional coverage of the club we all love on our website and across our social channels. 

Our goal is to keep you informed and entertained through original, independent, fan-led content, ranging from news, transfers and match coverage, to in-depth analysis and debate. 

Meet our core team:

In addition to those mentioned above, we also aim to bring you a diverse range of contributors – both established and up-and-coming in the world of LFC – who will offer their unique insights. Want to write for us? Get in touch with your pitches!

We recognise that we are inheriting a platform with a great opportunity to reach a huge audience and, in addition to providing you with news and views related to the men’s team, we will be using our platforms to cover LFC Women as well as to highlight certain stories and causes relevant to Liverpool fans.

This is the start of a new journey and we're focused on growing a community where you can express your thoughts and share your passion with us. Please reach out and share your feedback, suggestions and stories as we embark on this exciting new era.


Anfield Watch

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