"Really special" - Jurgen Klopp praises Liverpool's new signing Luis Diaz

Jurgen Klopp has praised the newest addition to his Liverpool squad, Luis Diaz, saying that they 'knew he would fit in immediately'.

Ever since signing Diaz from FC Porto for a reported fee of £37m in January, the Colombian has become a fan favourite at Anfield. New signings under Klopp usually take a few months to adapt to the system, but not Diaz.

In a recent interview, as cited by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, the Liverpool manager claimed that he and his team 'knew' that the 25-year-old would fit into the squad immediately.

“There is a reason why you sign a player," said Klopp. "The reason is the quality he has. The reason is the way that he is playing the game. With Luis, where it has been really special is that when we saw him we knew that he would fit in immediately.

“That is really difficult usually but because he did not have to change, that is why we have a really confident boy here. He was in a really good moment with Porto, playing good for Colombia, and so he came here full of confidence.

“But what we tried to make sure is that he does not lose that because of the playbook as we tell him that he has to do this and he has to do that. We want him to be natural."

Anfield Watch Verdict

Diaz is going to be a special talent for Liverpool. He's only 25-years-old and if he wishes he could be at Anfield for the remainder of his career.

The Colombian also perfectly fits the mould of a Liverpool winger. After watching Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah's career blow up since joining the Reds, it's hard not to see Diaz doing the same.

The only issue with Diaz joining is the fact that he can't speak English. Klopp also spoke about this, as cited by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, but he said that the Colombian is currently learning the language.

“There is a language issue with me," said Klopp. "I do not speak Spanish and he does not speak English. He is learning. I am not learning so we will have to wait until his English gets better!

“Until then, we have a lot of people here who are in constant talks with him. It will take time. He is at a new club and he is thinking about what people expect. But he is obviously pretty natural here. That is why he plays the way that he plays."

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