Razor-sharp Thiago has Liverpool fans dreaming in new training footage

Liverpool have put out new training footage of Thiago - and he looks razor-sharp. Fans are starting to dream.

Can Liverpool fans start getting excited about Thiago again? It's a dangerous thing to do but the Reds sparked some excitement as they posted a video of the Spaniard training on Friday.

Thiago hasn't played this season, with a hip problem keeping him on the sidelines. It could really have been a disaster for Liverpool, who overhauled their entire midfield in the summer.

Thiago was supposed to be the experienced, veteran presence in there. The one who knew exactly how Liverpool want to play and boasts the ability to control games.

Fortunately, Liverpool's midfielders have all stepped up in Thiago's absence. The Reds have thrived all season, sitting at the top of the Premier League, reaching the Carabao Cup final and competing across four competitions.

It means that instead of Thiago returning into a team that desperately needs him, he can return as a massive luxury for a team that already knows how to win. He should be able to move things up another level, while also Jurgen Klopp to rotate across competitions with more quality.

If he stays fit. That's always the big problem with Thiago - the only problem, really - but the signs here are good.

Liverpool's video shows Thiago moving sharply, finishing brilliantly, and looking confident. Playing games in the Premier League is several levels higher than a training exercise, of course, but he's certainly on the right track.

Fans are getting excited in the comments, naturally, as Thiago at his best is still one of the best midfielders in the world. He'd be an enormous boost to an already great side if he can play even semi-regularly.

With Thiago, Liverpool's title chances improve - as do their chances in all four competitions. So hopefully, the Reds' patience can pay off here.

We've all waited a long time for Thiago to be fit, let's reap the rewards of that.

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