Pundit thinks referees need to be 'questioned' over lack of fouls given against Liverpool

Former Everton and Arsenal forward Kevin Campbell has suggested that referees are being more lenient to Liverpool this season.

Speaking to Football Insider, the former Everton forward claimed that Liverpool are getting away with fouls that other clubs aren't.

“We cannot keep saying the same thing," said Campbell. "The same problem is arising week in, week out. Liverpool are getting the decisions.

“The referees are not doing anything about it. They are involved in this. Surely they should do something to sort it out? They are not though.

“I might find myself in front of the committee if I keep going on! I joke but when you are one of the top teams you tend to get the rub of the green.

"However, some of the decisions that are going Liverpool’s way at the moment are beyond the rub of the green. It is way beyond that.

“Constant fouling or infringements by the same player is not getting punished by the referee. They are not going by the letter of the law. The referees have to be questioned. They need to do what they are handsomely paid for.”


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This all stems from Fabinho's flailing arm against Son Heung-min in the Liverpool vs Tottenham game. It was never a red card but pundits are now using that to push their agendas on Klopp's side.

It's crazy that Campbell isn't pulling up Manchester City who have been making 'tactical fouls' since Pep Guardiola joined the league.

Season after season, Liverpool sit at the top of the fair play chart, but because a few recent decisions went our way we are now making fouls left and right according to some pundits.

Campbell can try and diminish Liverpool's achievements all he wants but this Liverpool side is one of the best sides to grace the Premier League.

Also, let's not pretend that a certain Howard Webb didn't oversee two decades of Manchester United dominance. We deserve some luck with referees.

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