Premier League xG table gives Liverpool fans cause for excitement

The Premier League xG table certainly gives Liverpool fans cause for excitement right now. It plays into words from Virgil van Dijk.

We're now 12 games into the Premier League season and the November international break is here. It offers a chance to look at where things stand - and how teams are performing.

Liverpool have been, for the most part, great. They're currently second in the table behind Manchester City but would be top - and unbeaten - if not for a horrendous VAR error against Tottenham Hotspur.

The Reds have also conceded the joint-fewest goals alongside Arsenal, and scored the second-most, behind only City. It's not just the simple data that looks good, either.

The Premier League xG table is a debatable one, given different analysis companies offer different scores for various shots. For a quick explainer, xG (expected goals) offers a score between 0.1 and 1 for every shot, with 0.1 being near-impossible to score and 1 being certain. The accumulation of those scores is your xG.

Understat, for instance, believe Liverpool have a total score of 28.33 across their 12 games. Opta data, seen here on FBref, has it at 26.5. What both are in agreement on, though, is that the Reds lead the Premier League right now.

Liverpool have actually scored 27, so right between those two numbers and where they're expected to be. It's also worth noting that across an entire season, that would become a score of 89. No team scored that highly last season and, in fact, the 2021/22 season is the only time the Reds have in the Premier League era.

This is promising to be an exciting season, then, and it plays into recent comments by Virgil van Dijk. The Dutchman believes the Reds have such a good attack that the aim for every game must be to keep a clean sheet.

“If we keep a clean sheet we have a big chance of winning games with the quality up front,” he told

That's certainly the case as Liverpool create scoring opportunities better than anyone right now. Keep this up and everyone is in for a very exciting, and successful, season.

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