Player knows Xabi Alonso decision is coming 'soon'

Xabi Alonso is expected to make a decision on his future soon. The Bayer Leverkusen boss has been strongly linked with Liverpool.

Bayer Leverkusen star Alex Grimaldo has been talking up Xabi Alonso this week as the manager nears a decision on his future. Grimaldo is clearly a massive fan of Alonso's, believing he's developed a skill in record time, essentially.

Alonso has only been a senior manager for a couple of years now but his player feels he's capable of growing players in a way few can.

“I have had very good coaches throughout my career, both in Barcelona and Benfica, but Xabi is special," Grimaldo told Marca. "There are not many coaches like that in the world of football.

"It is true that he has just started, but, I insist, you can already see that he has some ideas, a way of transmitting, of reading the games... that makes the players grow. This year we are all bringing out our best version.”

Xabi Alonso and his future

Grimaldo also addressed Alonso's future at Leverkusen. He's in very high demand right now, with both Liverpool and Bayern Munich hoping to land him for next season.

There's also a third team potentially after him - Real Madrid. Alonso could stay put at Leverkusen for another season and wait for Carlo Ancelotti to depart, something that could happen in a year.

Grimaldo is very aware that his manager has a major decision to make and that it's coming up fast.

“It is something that we have not thought about yet," he said. "It is soon.

"He will know what decision to make. It is clear that I would like to continue improving alongside him.”

It's hardly a shock that Grimaldo wants to continue under Alonso. Leverkusen has been flying under their boss, unbeaten in all competitions - a record in German football.

They're on course to win the Bundesliga for the first time, ending the decade-plus dominance of Bayern. There's also the Europa League, of course, where Leverkusen are arguably the second-favourites after Liverpool.

That success has Alonso at the top of various shortlists. Where he wants to land, though, is a mystery right now but promises to be one of the biggest decisions taken in football this year.

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