PGMOL change VAR protocol after Luis Diaz mistake

PGMOL, the body responsible for referees in English football, has changed the VAR process in the light of last weekend's wrongful ruling out of Luis Diaz's opening goal during Liverpool's clash with Tottenham.

Due to a mammoth miscommunication between VAR Darren England and referee Simon Hooper, Diaz saw his goal incorrectly chalked off for offside, with VAR failing to overrule the on-field decision.

It was a mistake that PGMOL would go on to admit was caused by 'significant human error', and has since apologised to Liverpool for the incident - a response, on it's own, the club did not accept as sufficient.

The organisation has now gone on to implement a change in protocol for VAR, aimed at enhancing clarity in communication between the on-field officials and VAR.

It has been reemphasised to video officials that while there is a need for efficiency in decision-making, it should never be at the expense of accuracy.

VAR must also now confirm the outcome of the VAR check process with the assistant VAR before confirming the final decision to the on-field officials.

The new protocol, which was announced when the VAR audio from the incident was released on Tuesday, has been implemented immediately, and started with this weekend’s Premier League fixtures.

In short, PGMOL have reminded their referees, who are meant to be at the top of their industry, to take time over their decisions and to make sure they speak to each other during matches. Game-changing reform.

Well done boys, good process.

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