"Perfect example" - Former Arsenal and Chelsea midfielder on Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool

Emmanuel Petit has praised Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool side, saying that all clubs should follow what the Reds have done in the last four or five seasons.

Speaking to Genting Casino, as cited by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, the former Arsenal and Chelsea midfielder said that Liverpool are a 'perfect example' of a football team.

“Since Liverpool want to win everything, this team is the example to follow for Arsenal. For all other clubs really! They have been amazing for the last four or five seasons.

"I'm still wondering how they can do that? Physically and mentally, it's a huge difference. Doing that year after year, the same motivation, this is the perfect example of what you have to do in football, in terms of team spirit.

"They want to win, they want to make history and this is what I like. It's a luxury for clubs to get these kinds of players who never get enough of winning games and trophies. This team, this is what you need if you want to reach your objective, your targets.

"To win trophies; you need to get those kinds of players who hate to lose games."

Anfield Watch Verdict

It's nice to see former rivals coming out and giving this Liverpool side the credit they deserve. We have had to follow a different route to success under our owners compared to other clubs.

We don't have countries backing us up like Manchester City and Chelsea. Thankfully we don't need that though because with Klopp at the helm of this club, we're destined for years of success under the German.

95% of the players we have bought since Jurgen joined have all been successes, the ones that haven't cost us pennies in comparison to the £100m plus players who are failing to perform in Manchester or London.

Hopefully we can keep up this trend of buying key players for reasonable prices, as it's clearly working out well for the Reds.

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