Paul Joyce provides an update on Mohamed Salah's contract situation

The very reliable Liverpool journalist Paul Joyce has spoken to KENN7OFFICIAL about the ongoing Mohamed Salah contact dilemma.

In a very rare video interview with KENN7, The Times journalist Paul Joyce has spoken about the club's ongoing contract negotiations with Mo Salah and his entourage.

"I still think it's where we have been for most of the season," said Joyce. "Talks have been going on for a long time, there has been no breakthrough on either side. It is obviously a money issue.

"There doesn't seem to be a resolution imminent, but like all these things, one phone call can change everything."

Anfield Watch Verdict

If the famous Paul Joyce is saying that it's a money issue then it's a money issue. There have been reports stating that Salah and his representatives are looking for £400k p/w.

That amount of money is astronomical and the club would never pay that as the wage structure would be destroyed.

However, as Joyce said; "One phone call can change everything". Hopefully, that's what will happen because the Liverpool fanbase will be up in arms if the Egyptian doesn't renew his contract.

A couple of weeks ago, Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp gave a brief update on Salah's contract when asked if the addition of Luis Diaz was a statement signing to ensure better players are being recruited to try and encourage the Egyptian to sign a new deal.

"We have been and we are. Does the signing of Luis Diaz help? I don't think it's about that. It is Mo's decision. The club did what it can do. It is all fine.

"Nothing further has happened, Mo hasn't signed or rejected or whatever, we just have to wait. It is all completely fine. There is no rush."

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