"Overrated" - Former Liverpool player slams Thiago Alcantara

Former Liverpool midfielder Didi Hamann has called Thiago Alcantara "overrated".

Speaking to Sky Germany, as quoted by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, the 48-year-old called out the Reds midfielder and said that Liverpool need to "modernise" their midfield.

"I don't understand the hype about Thiago. For me he is one of the most overrated players in European football," Hamann said.

"When things are going well and you have a lot of possession Thiago is a good player, but when push comes to shove you don't see him. In my opinion, the Reds need to modernise the team a bit, especially in midfield.

"If you need someone who sets accents, then he doesn't do it. (Naby) Keita is also a disappointment, (Jordan) Henderson is a worker. They need a player who can make the difference and give the team that extra something."


Anfield Watch Verdict

Hamann is known for some terrible football opinions but this has got to be up there with one of his worst.

I'm not sure how you can be a fan of football, never mind Liverpool, and call Thiago overrated.

When he has played for Liverpool this season he has been by far our best midfielder and when he doesn't play you can see how much we struggle to control possession.

I do agree that we need to "modernise" our midfield this summer, but that new midfield has to include Thiago.

His inclusion in this team is what makes it modern. He is the progressive passer we have needed since Phillipe Coutinho left.

The only issue with the Spaniard is his fitness, but apart from that, his class shows.

There's a reason why he's won plenty of major trophies. There is also a reason why he is so highly rated by every manager he has played for.

I doubt Thiago will care what Hamann thinks of him though.

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