"Outrageous decision" - Villarreal's CEO on penalty decision versus Liverpool

Villarreal's CEO has slammed the refereeing performance against his side in the Champions League semi-final against Liverpool.

Speaking to Spanish publication Marca, as cited by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, Villarreal’s CEO Fernando Roig Negueroles claimed that his side should've had a penalty against Liverpool.

"It was an outrageous penalty decision. The referee was of no level for this game. I don't see any possible interpretation. The refereeing has been terrible, it has always gone in their favour.

"It's no excuse, because they were superior and could have won by more, but this refereeing is not up to standard for a time like this. There were a lot small actions that have gone in their favour.

"There were three fouls on the edge of the box in the first half, the set-piece is very important and we couldn't get it. I'm not too annoyed, I'm proud to get this far, but the refereeing was very bad."


Anfield Watch Verdict

Villarreal's CEO claims that he isn't 'annoyed', however, these comments clearly prove that he is. The decision he is talking about was never a penalty in any game.

Alisson won the ball and Giovani Lo Celso also blatantly ran into the Brazilian to try and desperately buy a penalty for his side.

If the shoe was on the other foot then I highly doubt you would see Mr Negueroles coming out and condemning the actions of the referee.

If he was to rewatch the game back then he would see the referee giving his side fouls because his players were throwing themselves on the floor every five minutes when a Liverpool player barely touched them.

Thankfully the referee made the right decision and for the majority of the game, he didn't do too much wrong.

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