"Of course" - Jurgen Klopp on Steven Gerrard becoming Liverpool's next manager

Jurgen Klopp has responded to rumours that Aston Villa's manager Steven Gerrard could become his successor after he leaves Liverpool.

Speaking in his pre-Aston Villa press conference, as cited by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, Klopp said that he could see Gerrard becoming Liverpool's next manager after him.

"My possible successor?" said Klopp. "Yes, of course, it's possible. I have no idea, it's not my decision to make. So I think it's possible, that's it."

Anfield Watch Verdict

Steven Gerrard addressed this in an interview with ITV News last year while he was still Rangers' manager, saying that it's a 'dream' to manage Liverpool but he wants Klopp to be the manager of the club for as long as he can.

“The Liverpool fans don’t want me to be the manager of Liverpool Football Club. They want Jurgen Klopp to continue as manager and I am totally with all of them. I wish you knew how much we loved Jurgen Klopp," said Gerrard.

“We have one of the best managers leading our club at the minute. I love him and we hope he stays for a few more years. I’ve got a job here, I don’t think it's helpful to talk about this – I hope Jurgen stays at Liverpool for many years.


“Liverpool is my club. I had a fantastic journey as a player. I’m doing a completely different career path now. I’m happy in the job and role I’m in now.

“Is it a dream for me to one day be the Liverpool manager? Yes, it is. But not yet and who’s to say I’ll ever be good enough? Who says I’ll be the owners’ choice?

“There’s a lot of managers on this planet who would all like the chance to manage Liverpool.

“I think we need to respect the guy that’s in charge first and foremost because he’s done an incredible job.

“He’s taken me to places in the last two or three years which have been incredible. The feeling. Me, my family and all the Liverpool supporters would all back that up.

“For me, let’s just get behind Jurgen.”

This interview took place before Klopp signed his new contract until 2026 and when it was announced, Gerrard was one of the first people to congratulate the German on extending his stay at Liverpool.

As much as most people believe that Stevie will be at the helm of Liverpool one day, he still has a long way to go before he can reach Klopp's level.

Will he do that at Liverpool? Who knows. However, Reds fans will be watching his managerial career with a keen eye.

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