"Not a normal situation" - Jurgen Klopp on beating Manchester United 9-0 this season

Jurgen Klopp has spoken about beating Manchester United twice this season.

Speaking after Liverpool beat Manchester United 4-0 at Anfield, as cited by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, Klopp was asked about the 9-0 score over two games, to which he responded by saying 'it will not happen often.'

"Our fans are smart - they know this will not happen too often - United will come back but for our fans, tonight it was a big one and they deserve each little bit of joy they can have," said Klopp.

"It doesn't happen often, and I don't think it will happen often. It is not a normal situation. They are not in a good moment and on top of that - they have a lot of injuries.

"When Pogba left the pitch they played without their usual midfield. The pitch can become really big with a lot of offensive players on it. The centre of midfield with Matic and Fernandes is not how you want to play.

"That is nothing against the players, it is just not their natural game. We had 70-75% of the ball and they have to defend and that is not easy. I feel a bit for them."


Anfield Watch Verdict

What a great season to be a Liverpool fan. We're finally seeing the demise of Manchester United. Fortunately for us, it's happening at the exact same time that we're becoming the best team in the world.

Even though this is great at the moment, United will be back one day so whilst we can get results like this we should relish them.

Hopefully, they never return back to their 'perch' and we can see this trend continue until the end of time.

Whatever happens, at the moment we've just beaten our biggest rivals 4-0 and are top of the league so let's be as positive as we can be heading into the final few games of this historic campaign.

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