Next Liverpool manager: Reds ready to pass on target for being 'hot-headed'

Liverpool are reportedly ready to pass on a top managerial target because of his personality. The Reds still seek Jurgen Klopp’s successor.

The Athletic's Oliver Kay suggests Liverpool may pass on Roberto De Zerbi as he's too 'hot-headed'. The Italian has been at the forefront of the search for Jurgen Klopp's successor at Anfield.

In fact, De Zerbi was one of the very first names linked with the job after Klopp announced he would be stepping down at the end of the season. His work at Brighton has been fantastic, after all, with a drop in results only really coming this season because of injury issues.

But it appears Liverpool may feel he's not the right fit for them. De Zerbi does have a reputation for being outspoken and the Reds aren't sure that's what they're after.

“We alluded to this, a number of people have suggested to us that De Zerbi isn’t the type of person they would look for in terms of a personality point of view," Kay told The Athletic Football Podcast. "He’s outspoken and he’s hot-headed in some ways.”

Kay isn't the first person at the Athletic to suggest this, as he mentions. Their article on where Liverpool go after Xabi Alonso's rejection claims De Zerbi's 'confrontational approach to player recruitment could count against him'.

Liverpool to pass on Roberto De Zerbi

This can sound as though Liverpool are chasing a 'yes man' for the job but we're not sure that's what's happening. Instead, they're likely after someone similar to Jurgen Klopp when it comes to recruitment.

That is, someone who keeps the 'unhappiness' behind closed doors. Klopp has certainly had moments across his time at Liverpool where he disagreed with the club's approach to transfers.

But he kept the conversation about those disagreements private and otherwise worked with what he was given. That's the difference to someone like De Zerbi, who has publicly talked about transfer policy.

It's likely something Liverpool would look past if De Zerbi was the overwhelming favourite for the job - but he isn't. Instead, it's something that will count against him when compared to other managers of a similar standing.

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