Next Liverpool manager: Mammoth Jurgen Klopp task puts off 36-year-old

The Jurgen Klopp factor could cost Liverpool their next manager, it seems. At least one target doesn’t fancy it.

The Telegraph reports that Julian Nagelsmann could reject the chance to be the next Liverpool manager. At least one of his top reasons for doing so would be an unwillingness to follow Jurgen Klopp.

The task at hand is a mammoth one, after all. Liverpool are looking for someone to follow one of their greatest managers and possibly the most charismatic since Bill Shankly.

Klopp isn't just successful but boasts a connection with the fans that few managers have at any club. In other words, replacing him feels nigh-on impossible.

It's enough that Nagelsmann isn't sure. He's also a compatriot of Klopp's, making comparisons between the two inevitable. In fact, Nagelsmann has been dealing with comparisons of sorts his entire career.

Moving to Liverpool would invite more - and while coming out favourable in those comparisons isn't impossible, it's extremely difficult. From that perspective, this is one of the most difficult jobs on the market.

Julian Nagelsmann unsure about Liverpool job

Barcelona and Bayern Munich are also on the lookout for new managers this season. Both are coming from very different backgrounds, though.

Take Bayern. Thomas Tuchel will leave as the first Bayern boss in over decade to not win the Bundesliga title. It's actually a very interesting job for Nagelsmann to take, given Tuchel actually replaced him as manager there and his underperformance put the former's tenure in a new light.

Barcelona, too, will part with Xavi Hernandez and he leaves with the club not really competing for major trophies this season. Again, it's very different from Liverpool - Barca fans aren't all clamouring for Xavi to stay.

So it's understandable for targets to look at the Anfield job as one that's almost impossible to succeed at. No matter who you are, you're not actually the manager the fans want and you're following a legacy that's up there with the best.

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