"Negotiations were not easy" - Hasan Salihamidzic on how he signed Sadio Mane

Bayern Munich's sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic has spoken about the process of signing Sadio Mane from Liverpool.

Speaking to Sport BILD, as cited by iMiaSanMia, Salihamidzic explained how he got the idea of signing the winger.

"It was in my garden. Marco Neppe and I sat together with Bjorn Bezemer and Daniel Delonga (all Bayern representatives), their ROOF agency represents Serge Gnabry (Bayern Munich player). It's no secret we were in talks because we want to extend with Serge.

"That was when the name of Sadio Mane was mentioned for the first time, as he's also represented by Bjorn. During the talks I thought to myself: 'Something is possible!' - As Bjorn was leaving, I asked him how big the chances really are.

"When I heard that Mane rejected all Liverpool's attempts to extend his contract, I was immediately interested. Two days later, Julian Nagelsmann (Bayern manager), Marco and I were on a plane to Liverpool.

"For me it was immediately clear, if there was really a chance to sign Sadio Mane, I was ready to work on it day and night. Julian Ward (Liverpool's sporting director) was fully behind it from the start.

"Sadio received us at his home. He was relaxed in shorts and holding a mango. He smiled and welcomed us with "Servus". He still knows a bit of German from his time in Salzburg. The atmosphere was good and we had a connection from the start. I had a good feeling."

Salihamidzic also talked about how negotiations with Ward went when he was trying to get the price down for the Senegalese international.

"During their six years there, Sadio and his agent have always been fair to the club. Therefore the people in charge at LFC were willing to complete a deal. Sadio's clear willingness to join FC Bayern was of course helpful.

"Negotiations with my colleague Julian Ward were not easy but were always respectful. I'm also thankful to Oliver Kahn (Bayern's CEO) with whom we were in perfect harmony. It was a real teamwork."

Anfield Watch Verdict

It might be a Premier League thing, but it's so strange hearing a sporting director talk about the process of signing a world-class player.

I could never imagine Ward coming out and explaining how a transfer came to pass.

It's very interesting and you can tell by Salihamidzic's accounts that Mane wanted a new challenge and he was as respectful as anyone could be who is wanting a move away.

I still think that Liverpool could've got more for Mane, but I understand why the club accepted a decreased fee (£35 million). He only had one year left on his contract after all.

Mane has been nothing but respectful during his time at Liverpool.

No one wants him leaving on bad terms and if that means taking a few million less for him. then so be it.

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