"My plan is" - Steven Gerrard talks about his future in management

In a recent interview with Gary Neville, Steven Gerrard has spoken about Jurgen Klopp and managing Liverpool.

Speaking to Gary Neville on The Overlap, as cited by Liverpool Echo, Stevie responded to rumours about him taking over Liverpool when Jurgen Klopp leaves Anfield.

"I haven’t got a plan in terms of beyond here. A lot of people think I have. A lot of people think X, Y and Z is going to happen," said Gerrard.

"My plan is to try and make Aston Villa better. My plan is to try and make the owners proud and the fans proud of the team that we’re trying to produce and grow here. That's my only plan.

"I don’t think there’s any point in having a plan because you don’t know in this game, at this level, how long your plan will last."

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After Gerrard retired from professional football with LA Galaxy, Klopp and higher-ups at the club discussed bringing the Scouser into the youth setup.

Stevie did eventually manage Liverpool's U18's for a year and a half before joining Rangers.

In the same interview, the Scouser spoke about how much the German helped him during those 18 months with the youth side.

"With him [Klopp] he’s so comfortable in himself. He’s got so much belief and charisma in himself, what he’s done before and the character of the man, I don’t think he sees it as a threat," said Gerrard.

"I think maybe previous managers might have but I always got the feeling that he was open arms and excited to have me in.

"I felt uncomfortable going back to Melwood at first because I’d been to America and once you’ve been out for a certain time you feel like you don't belong there anymore - although you do.

"Every time I’ve met Klopp - I mean I see him walking his dog - and I still feel like it’s open arms and it’s real. And I think that’s because he’s so comfortable.

"For us as Liverpool fans - obviously now I’m in the league and competing, you have to be careful what you say - but Liverpool fans should enjoy Jurgen Klopp. I think he’s going to be one in a million, I think he’s that good."

Stevie G will manage Liverpool one day. It's pretty much a guarantee. However, Klopp is currently the best manager in world football and Gerrard still has to refine his game and style in the Premier League.

Hopefully, Klopp extends his contract after the 2024 season. If he doesn't then Gerrard will be one of the top candidates to replace him.

Luckily, we still have a few more seasons before we have to think about that, so let's just enjoy Klopp while we have him!

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