Morten Frendrup: Liverpool target's position, stats, wage & more

Liverpool are keeping a close eye on Genoa midfielder Morten Frendrup. Here's everything you need to know about the player.

Anfield Watch understands that Liverpool are paying close attention to Danish midfielder Morten Frendrup. He's currently with Genoa and enjoying a fantastic start to the season in Serie A.

But given he was in Serie B last season, Frendrup is still a relative unknown. It's hardly the first time the Reds have eyed-up such a talent, though, and he'll be one for fans to keep in mind this season.

To make things a little easier, here's all you need to know about Frendrup.

Morten Frendrup: background

Frendrup is a 22-year-old defensive midfielder who started his senior career with Brondby in his native Denmark. He made his debut for them back in 2018, becoming their youngest ever player at 16.

He'd gradually break into the first-team and was a regular in 2020/21 as Brondy won the title. Frendrup's efforts saw him move to Italy with Genoa six months later - though, they'd suffer relegation that season.

After a single campaign in Serie B, Frendrup is now back playing in Serie A and has featured 11 times already this season.

Morten Frendrup: stats

There can be little surprise that Liverpool have their eyes on Frendrup after his start to the season. His stats have him down as one of the absolute best defensive midfielders in Europe.

Per Opta data on Fbref, Frendrup has won the second-most tackles this season across the top five European leagues. Only Fulham's Joao Palinha has him beaten and the Dane third for tackles where the player wins possession.

Notably, Frendrup wins these tackles quite high up the pitch. He's second in the Big Five for tackles in the midfield third, while also boasting a fantastic success-rate against dribblers. Only five midfielders have a higher rate than his 78 per cent.

And again, Palinha is the only midfielder who has more combined tackles and interceptions than Frendrup.

The only problem Liverpool might have is that the 22-year-old's passing isn't all that great. He only attempts 31 per 90 - in the 7th percentile across Europe - and completes just 78 per cent of those. That's very low, especially for a potential Red.

Work to do, then, but at 22, you'd expect that.

Morten Frendrup: Wages

Capology data claims Frendrup earns around £8.5k per week. That has him in the bottom half of Genoa players and supposedly, no one in Liverpool's first-team earns that little.

You do have to take some numbers with a grain of salt when it comes to wage data, of course, but it does all make sense. Frendrup was a Serie B player last season and he joined Genoa from Brondby - he likely doesn't earn on par with Liverpool players.

And that, in all honesty, could be something that attracts Liverpool to the 22-year-old.

Morten Frendrup: Injury history

You can't ask for a better injury history than Frendrup's. Transfermarkt has him down with zero - and his appearance data backs that up.

Suspension is the only reason he's missed games over the las three and a bit seasons. If Liverpool want a reliable midfield option, they've found one.

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