Mohamed Salah: Liverpool star's 2024 form is out of this world

Mohamed Salah has hit a period of unbelievable form in 2024. The Liverpool star could well lead them to a Premier League title.

Mohamed Salah has had a strange 2024. He's actually missed most of it through injury - an incredibly rare experience for the Liverpool forward.

His injury and gradual return to fitness has seen Salah fall just short of his best for Liverpool. At least, that's the perception.

In reality, the Egyptian's form in 2024 is absolutely out of this world and it's possibly flying a little under the radar right now. So let's put it into numbers.

  • Appearances: 7
  • Starts: 4
  • Minutes: 438
  • Goals: 6
  • Assists: 5

Those are the raw numbers, then, and everyone would agree that they're quite incredible. But the reality is even better than that.

Mohamed Salah in 2024

The only fixtures in which Salah hasn't produced a goal or assist were the first leg against Sparta Prague and Manchester City at home. These are also the only fixtures in 2024 in which he played under 45 minutes.

There have been five games where Salah played at least 45 - four starts and 46 minutes against Brentford. He came on as a first-half substitute in that one for the injury Diogo Jota.

Salah has scored in all five of those games, including a brace against Newcastle United. He's also assisted four: one assist against Newcastle, another in that Brentford game, and three against Sparta Prague.

So in five games with at least 46 minutes, Salah has six goals and five assists. In four games.

We can put that into some more numbers, then:

  • Minutes in 2024: 438
  • Minutes per goal: 73
  • Minutes per assist: 87
  • Minutes per goal or assist: 40

That's right - Salah is averaging a goal or assist every 40 minutes for Liverpool in 2024. And that's including the substitute appearances against Sparta Prague and Man City where he was working back from injury.

Liverpool, of course, want to win two more trophies this season. The Premier League and UEFA Europa League are both on the line, and with Mo Salah in this kind of form, they have a fantastic chance of winning them.

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