Michael Fassbender shares story of 'awe-inspiring' Anfield experience

Actor Michael Fassbender has shared the story of his first trip to watch Liverpool at Anfield. He couldn't have picked a better game.

Michael Fassbender has been doing the rounds in the press talking about football as he stars in Taika Waitti's Next Goal Wins. The actor, who was born in Germany but grew up in Ireland, names Liverpool as his favourite team.

Fassbender admittedly hasn't been to many games but he did visit Anfield in 2019 - for a Champions League semi-final. Yes, that one.

And while his friend tried to persuade him that it really wasn't worth going with Liverpool 3-0 down to Barcelona on aggregate, he did decide to go. And it's safe to say that was the right choice.

"It was incredible because it was my one and only time I've ever gone to Anfield. I chose the perfect game," Fassbender told Goal. "We had the tickets like months in advance, and I remember my friend Connor was like, 'Oh, should we still go? The chances of qualifying past the semis are pretty impossible', and I was like, 'No, we have to go, we gotta go'.

"Then arriving there, the atmosphere, the fans, obviously I'm going to be biased as a Liverpool fan, but I think they're the best fans in the world. The hairs on the back of my neck were just standing up.

"The performance that night was just awe-inspiring. It's one of those moments, really, where sport can really inspire on a level that I don't think any other medium can."

Anfield is a very old stadium, with well over 100 years of football matches on its turf. Few, if any, have been as good as Liverpool's 4-0 win over Barcelona that night.

And anyone who was there that night would echo Fassbender's sentiment - it was an awe-inspiring display that would affect anyone. We've never seen anything like it before and likely won't again.

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