Man United fan set for life ban after Liverpool tragedy chanting

A Man United fan caught on camera mocking the Hillsborough disaster against Liverpool last weekend is set for a life ban from Old Trafford. He just needs to be identified.

The Daily Mail reports that the fan caught on camera mocking the Hillsborough disaster during Man United vs Liverpool will be banned for life from Old Trafford. However, he's yet to be identified.

The man was seen making several gestures in reference to Hillsborough at the end of the fixture. The footage then went viral afterwards and was met with outrage, leading to pressure on United to act.

They'll now apparently ban the man for life once he's identified.

Of course, this was far from the only example of tragedy chanting on Sunday. Two more United fans were arrested on the day for similar chants, while a Liverpool supporter was also arrested for sending a flare into the disabled section at Old Trafford.

In total, eight fans were arrested on the day. Again, though, that feels like the tip of the iceberg here.

Fan faces life ban for tragedy chanting

Old Trafford almost always erupts in a loud rendition of 'always the victim' whenever Liverpool come to town. It's a song that has its roots firmly in the Hillsborough disaster, even if there are now attempts to claim it doesn't.

'The sun was right', however, is as blatant as it gets - and that was heard crystal clear on Sunday. In fact, such chants seem to be louder than ever in this particular fixture.

Of course, you can find similar examples of tragedy chanting from Liverpool fans towards United and the Munich air disaster, no one can deny that. The difference here, though, is how widespread it is - that's the worrying trend about Hillsborough chanting and just how loud it is at Old Trafford.

Liverpool will play at Old Trafford once again on April 7th and we'll just have to see what happens. At this point, it would be more of a shock to not have similar incidents to Sunday's.

But maybe these arrests can hammer a point home.

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