Luis Diaz's wife wishes for 'grandpa to be back by our side' on daughter's birthday

Luis Diaz's wife has called for her father-in-law's safe return in what would be the 'best birthday gift' for their daughter.

Gera Ponce took to Instagram to post an emotionally charged message, wishing her and Diaz's daughter a happy second birthday.

It comes as the search for Diaz's father, Luis Manuel, continues in Colombia, after he and his wife were kidnapped in their hometown of Barrancas last Saturday.

The Liverpool winger's mother was released from captivity hours after the initial abduction - however, Luis Manuel still remains in the hands of Marxist–Leninist guerrilla insurgency group ELN.

Ponce wrote: "The best gift for her would definitely be to have Grandpa Mane back by our side and we trust God it will be.

"God bless you, keep you and allow you to grow always surrounded by love."

In the latest update regarding the kidnapping, ELN appear to be processing Luis Manuel's release, vowing to do so in a statement.

Moreover, the head of the guerrilla group has acknowledged the organization made a "mistake" in abducting Diaz's father.

"The retention of Luis Diaz's father by the Northern War Front was a mistake," ELN commander Antonio Garcia wrote on his Telegram channel, via AFP.

"Lucho is a symbol of Colombia -- that is how we in the ELN feel about him.

"We hope that the operational situation on the ground can be resolved, this is the guidance that the commanders have to expedite the release."

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