Luis Diaz update: ELN promise to release player's father

Colombian insurgency group, the ELN, have promised to release the father of Liverpool forward Luis Diaz after he was kidnapped this week. The situation remains unclear, however.

The situation around Luis Diaz's father reportedly took another turn on Thursday. The ELN (the National Liberation Front, in English) were confronted during peace talks with the Colombian government over the kidnapping this week.

The leaders denied knowledge of this, however. Now aware, they're promising to release Luis Manuel Diaz imminently - but it's not clear how possible this is.

Per Semana, this isn't the first time that the ELN have denied knowledge of a kidnapping. A previous time, it was subsequently revealed that the leaders had, in fact, been fully aware. This could all be hot air from them, it seems.

The report also makes the point that if the leaders were unaware of this kidnapping, they may lack the power to order a release. The 'unity of the commanders' is in question, in other words.

But if all goes to plan, Luis Manuel Diaz should be release within the next few hours. It would bring an end to an unprecedented and shocking week in football.

Luis Manuel Diaz and Cilenis Marulanda, father and mother of Liverpool player Luis Diaz, were kidnapped at gunpoint in Colombia last Saturday. Cilenis was found and released shortly afterwards but Luis has been missing ever since.

There has been international exposure on the case, of course, with enormous pressure placed on the kidnappers to release the player's parents. Unfortunately, there has been little information since.

But it appears things could be about to get a relatively happy ending. The ELN sound willing to cooperate, even if their truth is questionable. With any luck, this one can be put to bed by the end of the week and Luis Manuel Diaz will return safe.

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