Luis Diaz talks up South American bond at Liverpool

Luis Diaz has discussed the growing South American connection at Liverpool this season.

During the last international break in September, Liverpool had representatives playing for four different CONMEBOL nations for the first time in club history – Diaz (Colombia), Alisson (Brazil), Alexis Mac Allister (Argentina) and Darwin Nuñez (Uruguay).

Speaking to Liverpool FC’s official eMagazine, Diaz – who has started the 2023/24 season in fine form, with three goals in eight outings – talked up the burgeoning connection between the South Americans in the Liverpool dressing room.

He said: “We love to all get together and just be there chatting away all the time. We like to have our jokes and fun, and yes, it’s great that more and more South Americans are coming to the club.

“I get on well with all the new players, but of course the same language is always an advantage, an incredible advantage really. We all get on really well and so that makes you feel very comfortable and very stable and settled where you are and very happy at the same time.

“Everybody who comes to the club arrives here in that same mindset, wanting to contribute to the team, which is full of great players. We know all about the vast quantity of players that we have in the game in South America, who are all great, great players, and so just being able to join such a massive club as this one is simply divine.”

One of the Reds' South American contingent, Mac Allister, was one of four midfield summer arrivals. Diaz explained how the new signings have settled in at the club, while also predicting a big season for this new-look Liverpool side.

Diaz said: “Things have changed a lot and building up an understanding with our new midfield line-up also takes time as things begin to gel. But in the training sessions both during pre-season and now on a daily basis I think those players have been developing a great understanding.

“That’s why I think that Klopp has shown confidence in them. I think it will be a case of the players who are available and in the best form are going to feature. You can tell out on the pitch that we have some very good players, who are all good teammates, and everybody gets on well so that’s a good thing to be able to say.

“So like I said, I think this year is going to be a much better one for us.”

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