Luis Diaz now the fourth Liverpool player to hold Barcelona 'dream'

Luis Diaz is the fourth Liverpool player to hold a 'dream' of playing for Barcelona. That's according to his father, anyway.

As you may have heard, Luis Diaz would like to play for Barcelona one day. His father admitted as much in the press this week, talking after the Colombian scored twice for his country in a win over Brazil.

Luis Manuel Diaz does 'thank' Porto and Liverpool for how well they've looked after his son. Ultimately, though, he suggests that Barcelona is the goal for the left-winger.

“I truth is that I know very little about Barcelona at the moment,” he told Win Sports. “It is true that Luis is a loyal Barcelona fan and it would be his dream to go there.

“So far I would like to thank Porto and Liverpool for the way they welcomed him and received him.”

Now, whether Diaz does end up pushing for a move to Barcelona is one for the future. Who knows? Liverpool fans, though, have certainly heard this story before.

First, there was Javier Mascherano in 2010. He decided once the 2010/11 season had started that he fancied a move to Barcelona. The Argentine would get the move, too - and described it as a 'dream'.

Then Luis Suarez famously pushed for a move to Barcelona. He'd talked for years about wanting to go there and got the mvoe in 2014, telling Liverpool fans afterwards that it had been his 'dream and ambition' to play there (and to be fair to him, Suarez's wife's family did live in Barcelona. It likely was his dream).

Finally, there was Philippe Coutinho in 2018. That was a protracted saga and one that, again, saw the Brazilian try and force a move to Catalonia. He eventually got it in January after months of trying, declaring that he wouldn't have left Liverpool for any other club. Moving to Barcelona was 'a dream', he declared.

And so Liverpool are back where they usually end up - a fantastic South American player who dreams of playing for Barcelona.

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