Luis Diaz kidnapping case: Judge orders prison for two suspects

A Colombian judge has ordered prison for two suspects for kidnapping the parents of Liverpool's Luis Diaz last month.

Two men suspected of kidnapping the parents of Luis Diaz have now been ordered to prison. Per the Associated Press, a judge made the decision regarding Andrés Alcires Bolívar and Marlon Rafael Brito earlier this week.

Luis Manuel Díaz Jiménez and Cilenis Marulanda were kidnapped in their hometown of Barrancas back on October 28th. Cilenis was released just a couple of days later but Luis Sr. was held captive for 12 days with little word on where he was or who had him.

Ultimately, it became clear that he had been taken by members of the National Liberation Army (ELN). Their leaders, however, claimed no knowledge of this, suggesting it had been a splinter group.

Negotiations with the UN and the Catholic Church eventually led to his release. The investigation into what happened is now ongoing but the judge believes Bolivar and Brito to have been heavily involved.

One of the men, Bolivar, is accused of links to a person close to the family and had provided the necessary information to make the kidnapping happen. He's a merchant in the area where things took place and was allegedly contacted by members of the ELN to help with it all.

The fate of the two men is now a little clearer, though a formal sentencing is yet to take place.

Diaz underwent something here that is unheard of it football. He even played - and scored - while his father was missing and it's unlikely anyone will see anything quite like that again.

It now seems that some sort of justice will take place as the Colombian authorities have seemingly figured out exactly how this all took place. Hopefully, that offers some sort of happy ending after a remarkably traumatic event.

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