"Look at the Arsenal game" - Jurgen Klopp on referee decisions

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is not happy with some of the decisions that went against his side last weekend.

The Reds came up against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. Liverpool lost the Premier League clash 3-2.

As you can read below, Klopp believes that his side were hard done by against the Gunners.

He told Liverpoolfc.com the following: “When you look at the Arsenal game, I know people don’t want to hear that, but I think on Sky Sports (in) the Ref Watch, when Mr Dermot (Gallagher) twice says the decision was wrong by the best English referee, Michael Oliver.

“One penalty was no penalty because before the season we had a big meeting with the refs and they said no soft penalties anymore… and it was a penalty we got (given against us). Then we saw this season already which kind of situations we’ve had for handball and there were penalties with exactly the same situation, but not in this game. But Mr Dermot, not to forget, thought yes, this was a penalty.

“The first goal, how I heard now, of Arsenal was pretty likely offside – we just cannot find out because a camera was not there or the angle or whatever. I don’t know exactly the reason, but when I saw the pictures I thought it was obvious that (Bukayo) Saka came back from an offside position."

Anfield Watch Verdict

Klopp is spot on. Some of the decisions that went against Liverpool last weekend certainly shaped the result.

But, Klopp and his team will just have to move on. The Premier League waits for no one.

Liverpool sit in 10th-place on the table. The Reds need to get their act together, otherwise the season could be gone before they know it.

Liverpool were runners-up for the Premier League title and Champions League last campaign. So, Klopp's team are more than capable of putting together a solid run in the near future.

Hopefully the Reds turn things around sooner rather than later.

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