Liverpool's stance on the Super League after new proposal

There's a new Super League proposal put forward by A22. Here's how Liverpool are reportedly reacting to it.

A22 have announced a new Super League plan. This the group behind the incredibly controversial proposal a few years ago - one that saw protests and anger thrown at it until things went away.

Well, now it's back and there are some changes. For one, A22 claim all matches can be watched for free (wouldn't bank on that one remaining true), while there will be three tiers now rather than one with promotion and relegation every year.

Of course, this hasn't been received well and clubs are rejecting it en masse. Liverpool are reportedly one of those, with the Athletic's James Pearce claiming their stance hasn't changed at all.

The Reds initially joined the original proposal back in 2021. Protests forced them to withdraw, however - leading to a strange apology video by John Henry.

They've since acknowledged the mistake and the backlash there appears to rule out any chance of them joining the current proposal.

The other reason Liverpool won't be joining the new proposal is that virtually no one else is. Clubs from all over Europe are immediately rejecting it - Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, and Manchester City are some of the biggest.

Barcelona and Real Madrid will likely continue to push for it. For one, they're the only clubs that never left the original plan and stand to benefit from that in the new proposal.

But with such small support around this new idea, it's difficult to see even them staying. A22 have really missed the boat here - maybe if this had been the proposal two and a half years ago, they'd have found some support.

Instead, it's all very hollow and the immediate rejection here has been incredible. Don't count on a Super League anytime soon.

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