Liverpool's best goals against Newcastle in the Premier League

Newcastle are set to welcome the Reds to St. James' Park on Sunday afternoon, and both teams are in excellent attacking form.

There are expected to be plenty of goals, so what better excuse than to revisit some of the best Liverpool goals against the Magpies?

If you thought there were a lot of great games between Liverpool performances against Newcastle over the years, just wait and see how many phenomenal goals the Reds have scored against them...

From dazzling assists and mind-blowing first touches, to outrageously powerful pile-drivers, here is our list of eight of the best goals Liverpool have scored against Newcastle in the Premier League era.


There is no list of top Liverpool goals that exists without including at least one strike from Steven Gerrard, and you already know that this won't be the only entry from our Captain Fantastic.

An inviting ball was whipped in from Luis Garcia towards Peter Crouch at the edge of the box, who took the weight out of it and teed it up for the captain with a perfect touch under pressure.

Once the ball fell to Gerrard, he had *checks footage* six players surrounding him and an outrageous amount left to do, but the midfielder made a bursting run into position and without even breaking stride, sells the nearest defender and leathers one in to the roof of the net.

Anfield erupted. There could have been the entire Newcastle team around the skipper, and two goalkeepers in net. No-one was stopping that.


Who would have the audacity to not only shoot from distance, but from inside his own half and even behind the start of the centre circle? Step forward the Spanish magician by the name of Xabi Alonso.

If fans were to make an all-time Liverpool starting XI, Alonso would be hard done by to miss out, and this goal against Newcastle in 2006 shows exactly why.

The Spaniard firstly stops an opposition attack by making a perfect challenge in Liverpool's third of the pitch, before taking two small touches to set himself up, and the rest is a work of art.

60 yards from goal, Alonso looked up and saw Steve Harper off his line and absolutely thunders one into the back of the net. The ball didn't even bounce until he had scored, talk about power and accuracy.

Alonso had plenty of iconic moments for Liverpool, but this one tops the lot.


Gerrard's goal against Newcastle in 2005 was a thing of beauty, but this one two years later belongs in a museum.

Premier League goalkeepers would normally not be too worried when a free-kick is given from around 30 yards out, but it's a different story when our scouser stands over one.

After an initial dummy, the ball is laid off into Gerrard's path. Two defenders sprinted to make the block, but it was irrelevant – the number eight has a foot like a traction engine.

The ball whistled past Newcastle's defenders and almost broke the net right in front of the home fans at St. James' Park.

There are three things certain in life: death, taxes, and Stevie G scoring from range.


Liverpool have had an abundance of phenomenal partnerships over the years, but one of the fan favourites is Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres.

It was love at first sight for the duo ever since Torres first joined in 2007 - one always knew exactly what the other was thinking and the purity of the connection was shown in their individual stats across 2007/08.

Torres scored 33 and assisted five that year, while Gerrard 21 and assisted 18 (many of which to the Spaniard).

This perfectly executed pass and play move from the pair was perhaps the pick of the bunch that year.

Liverpool's number nine dropped all the way to the centre circle to head the ball to Gerrard on the counter attack, and instantly made his run into the box. Without even looking up, the number eight delivered a perfectly weighted through ball into Torres' path, before the striker dummied the keeper and placed the ball into an open net.


There simply aren't enough superlatives to describe the footballing ability of Luis Suarez, and it's not even slightly controversial to say the Uruguayan was the best out and out striker of his generation.

While his best season for Liverpool came a year later, his 2012/13 campaign was no joke. There were more than a few ridiculous strikes along the way, but this goal against the Magpie takes the cake.

An instinctive run from the striker was superbly picked out by JosΓ© Enrique, who dropped the ball on a six pence. Despite the incredible ball, there was a lot left for Suarez to do, and with two defenders and the goalkeeper closing in, his space to operate was very limited.

No bother. Liverpool's number seven completely killed the weight of the pass with a cushioned touch on the chest, before taking the ball down and rounding the keeper in one swift motion and scoring into an open net.

There aren't many footballers who would have the audacity to try, let alone execute that move. The ball was stuck to him like glue.


The first goal on this list scored in the Jurgen Klopp era belongs to none other than Dean Lovren. The centre-half didn't score many for the club (eight in 185 appearances), but this one on Boxing Day in 2018 will live long in the memory of supporters.

After an initial cross was partially cleared by the Newcastle defence, the ball only made it as far as Lovren - who was unmarked right in the middle of the box.

The Croatian didn't waste any time and took full advantage of his rare opportunity, driving a half-volley right into the roof of Martin Dubravka's net, in front of the roaring Anfield crowd.

Lovren himself admitted he was surprised by his impressive effort. After the game, he said to club media: "It was quite difficult to catch the ball, to be honest. Usually it’s a ball to kick into the stand."



Liverpool fans will always hold the 2019/20 season in incredibly high regard – for obvious reasons – and the Reds hit the ground running from the start.

In the fifth game of the season against Newcastle, Liverpool had fought back from 1-0 down to be lead the Magpies 2-1 with 15 minutes to go.

To end of the game in style, Mohamed Salah plays a one-two with Roberto Firmino in the build-up to the Reds' third and final goal - and my word, the pass from the Brazilian was magic.

He received the ball, was closed down instantly but took two fancy touches and flicked the ball back into the Egyptian's path.

This goal was all about Firmino's pass, but take nothing away from Salah. The winger took the ball in his stride, past several defenders and slotted it into the bottom corner.

Classic Firmino, classic Salah, classic Liverpool goal.


This final goal may look familiar to another on this list. It was a shot with the same power, from the same distance, going into the same top left corner as Gerrard's strike.

Words can't really describe how good this goal was, few would have expected him to shoot and no one would have expected him to score from that range.

One touch to settle, and another to launch a rocket that the away side could barely watch whiz past, let alone stop.

At 24 years of age, Alexander-Arnold has completed club football and smashed plenty of individual records along the way, but with strikes like that, he could one day be spoke about in the same conversation as Gerrard himself.

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