Liverpool vs 'Big 6' this season: is there cause for concern?

Liverpool don’t have a good record against ‘Big Six’ teams this season. But is there cause for concern at Anfield?

Liverpool have had a season above all expectations, if we're honest. They were pretty awful at times in 2022/23, leading to a midfield overhaul in the summer.

It was supposed to be the first step on the path to the next great Liverpool side. It turned out to be more of a leap, however, as the Reds are challenging for the Premier League title, have already won the Carabao Cup and are the favourites to win the UEFA Europa League.

Things feel incredibly bright for what is still a very young team. But there is one area for concern - playing against the 'Big Six'.

Liverpool have played 11 times against the other five teams traditionally considered to be the biggest in the country - Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur. Those 11 games have mostly come in the Premier League, of course, but also include three cup games.

Liverpool have only won three, however, with two coming in the cup (and one of those after extra-time). Their only Premier League win is against Chelsea at Anfield - an emphatic 4-1 win.

Football - 2023 / 2024 Premier League - Liverpool vs Chelsea - Anfield - Wednesday 31st January 2024 Conor Bradley of Liverpool scores the 2nd goal and celebrates 

Now, the Reds have only lost three, too, leaving five draws. It's not the worst record in the world, then, but it's also far from the best - or what you'd expect from a Liverpool team contending for trophies. We should also mention that the defeat to Tottenham was an absolute travesty as complete incompetence from referees cost the Reds the game.

But even with that in mind, is their record cause for concern?

Liverpool against the Big Six in 2023/24

  • Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool - PL
  • Tottenham 2-1 Liverpool - PL
  • Man City 1-1 Liverpool - PL
  • Liverpool 0-0 Man Utd - PL
  • Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal - PL
  • Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool - FA Cup
  • Liverpool 4-1 Chelsea - PL
  • Arsenal 3-1 Liverpool - PL
  • Chelsea 0-1 Liverpool (aet) - Carabao Cup
  • Liverpool 1-1 Man City - PL
  • Man Utd 4-3 Liverpool - FA Cup

Of course, stats like this need context. Yes, Liverpool have only won three but the Spurs result was what it was, and the Reds were 'unlucky' not to win penalties against both Arsenal and City at home that could have swung the results there.

The fixture at Anfield against United was a dominant display, too - just one where the ball refused to go in.

It's also worth considering that Liverpool have a team that is supposedly in transition. The midfield is entirely new, while many key players are still a few years away from their prime.

With that in mind, the games against the Big Six are the ones you'd expect them to fall short: high-intensity games against the Premier League's best players. The results should naturally improve with experience and more time together.

And then there are the injuries. Several stars missed the recent games against Arsenal, Chelsea, City and United. With a bit more luck, Liverpool would have had better teams out in games where they dropped points.

So all in all, there isn't cause for concern. Instead, it should be viewed as an area where Liverpool can and almost certainly will improve, even with the wildcard of a new manager this summer.

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