Liverpool 'utterly comdemns' pre-match attack on Manchester United team bus

Liverpool Football Club has issued a strong condemnation after Manchester United's team bus suffered damage en route to Anfield for the highly anticipated clash between the two rivals on Sunday.

The incident occurred as fans lined the streets, eagerly awaiting the arrival of both teams' buses. Eyewitness reports indicate that a bottle was thrown at the front coach, resulting in partial damage to an upper-deck window.

In a video circulating on social media, a hand is seen holding a glass bottle before it is hurled at the Manchester United coach, accompanied by a shout of "Go!"

Fortunately, despite the impact, the damage was contained, allowing the team to proceed to the stadium without further incident.


Liverpool swiftly responded with a statement expressing their disapproval: "Liverpool Football Club utterly condemns the actions that led to damage being caused to the Manchester United team bus during its arrival at Anfield this afternoon."

The club emphasised its commitment to cooperation with Merseyside Police to thoroughly investigate the incident and identify the individuals responsible.

The statement also highlighted the severe consequences awaiting those found guilty of such behaviour, explaining that the club's sanction process would be enforced rigorously.

Previous trouble

This is not an isolated incident in the history of such fixtures. Previously, in 2018, Manchester City's bus was targeted before a Champions League quarter-final at Anfield, prompting Liverpool to apologise and denounce the behaviour as "completely unacceptable".

The recent episode involving the attack on Liverpool's coach in April 2023, following a league match at the Etihad Stadium, led to an investigation by Greater Manchester Police.

Despite the unfortunate incident, the match itself went ahead without problems and resulted in a goalless draw.

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