Liverpool transfers: Reds enquire for red-hot striker who scored AGAINST them

Liverpool have reportedly enquired about a striker currently plying his trade in Belgium. The Reds do want to reinvigorate their attack.

L'Equipe claims Liverpool have enquired about Mohamed Amoura. The Algerian currently plays for Union SG in Belgium and did actually play against the Reds earlier this season.

More importantly, he scored against Liverpool. Amoura bagged the first in the Europa League group stage game in Belgium - a game Union eventually won 2-1.

That was one of his two goals in the Group Stage across six games, but that's a tally that fails to show just how good Amoura has been this season. He's got 17 goals in the Belgian Pro League despite only starting 16 fixtures.

In fact, Amoura's minutes tally up to just under 16 total matches, meaning he's averaging just over a goal per 90 minutes in the league. While he's not quite the top scorer this season (2nd), he does have by far the best goal-to-minutes-average.

It'll be that, above all, that has Liverpool wondering if he's right for them.

Liverpool like Mohamed Amoura

There's a lot of sense behind a move like this. Amoura is a forward who loves running with the ball, gets off lots of shots, and actually wins a number of tackles for a forward.

Importantly, he's still only 23, too, and wouldn't command an enormous price. Amoura could be the relatively risk-free option Liverpool are after for boosting their forwards next season.

There is one stat, per Fbref, that is particularly interesting, though: Amoura has scored his 17 league goals from just 10 xG. It's notable as Liverpool's forwards pretty much all perform well below their xG (Diogo Jota aside) and a truly clinical forward is exactly what the Reds need.

At the same time, such a wild difference in xG usually suggests the form isn't sustainable - no one finishes this consistently well in world football. Depending on how Liverpool view that kind of data could make the difference between this enquiry going anywhere or not.

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