Fabrizio Romano claims club now KNOW they’ll lose award-winning Liverpool target

Fabrizio Romano confirms that one of Liverpool’s supposed targets this summer in Riccardo Calafiori will be on the move - or at least, his club believes so.

Liverpool have been linked with a move for Riccardo Calafiori this summer. It's one that has received quite a bit of spotlight, too, thanks to his performances for Italy at Euro 2024.

But there's certainly more than just a few games to get hyped about. Calafiori was one of the standout players for Bologna last season as they enjoyed a remarkable rise that resulted in a UEFA Champions League spot.

The defender's efforts earned him a spot in the Serie A Team of the Season, too. The hype and interest has now grown to the point where Bologna don't expect to hold onto Calafiori.

"The feeling of sources close to Bologna is that now, despite what they felt two or three weeks ago before the Euros, now it looks unlikely that they can keep Ricardo Calafiori at the club," says Fabrizio Romano on his YouTube channel. "Bologna know that big clubs are coming.

"Juventus are already there but the relationship between the clubs is complicated."

Richard Hughes is a Calafiori fan

Romano also reiterated what he's said before: that Liverpool sporting director Richard Hughes is a long-time fan of Calafiori.

"I've already [said] many times that Liverpool sporting director Richard Hughes, when he was director of Bournemouth, was tracking Calafiori," says Romano. "So they know the situation of the player well."

Now, it remains to be seen if Liverpool do decide to sign a centre-back this summer. Joel Matip's exit certainly creates space for one but it depends on whether they believe Jarrel Quansah has earned that spot for himself.

If they do ultimately want someone new, though, Calafiori is available, they know him, and he's one of the best around. It's hard to think of a more perfect choice.

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