Liverpool now set to KEEP player despite original plans to move him on

Liverpool are now set to keep one player for the summer despite original plans to move him on. He could have a very bright future.

SportBild reports that it's increasingly likely Sepp van den Berg will remain with Liverpool this summer. The Dutchman has excelled at Mainz on loan.

And there was a sense that Van den Berg could stay with Mainz. The report suggests there's an option for the German club to buy him outright, while they've hoped for another loan deal.

But their seasons has seen them in a relegation battle and dropping to 2. Bundesliga would certainly see them as incapable of signing Van den Berg. Even staying in the top flight will make it difficult.

There is apparently a pre-negotiated deal for Van den Berg to join them for around £7m. As things stand, though, Liverpool will keep him around and have a look in pre-season.

Sepp van den Berg's future

Van den Berg could well have a role to play in Liverpool's future. His versatility, for one, makes him an intriguing player for any manager.

Arne Slot will almost certainly find use for him if he performs in pre-season. Van den Berg can play right-back, centre-back and even on the flank in midfield (though, admittedly as more of a right-back).

For a manager who will want to stamp his own plan on the squad, having such players makes life a lot easier. And that's without considering he's a 22-year-old who boasts great potential.

That alone makes him a player who, in all likelihood, is worth a lot more than £7m. So at the very least, Liverpool can surely find him a bigger and better loan move for next season, even if they ultimately decide not to use him themselves.

Van den Berg has shone in the Bundesliga and that's enough to change the plans for the summer. Liverpool can benefit from that no matter what.

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