Talk at Liverpool that 'amazing' player could now LEAVE Anfield

There’s reportedly talk openly at Liverpool’s training ground that one star could leave in the summer transfer window.

The Liverpool Echo reports that there's open talk at Liverpool's training ground that Luis Diaz could leave the club. Diaz has been lightly linked with a move away for some time now.

The primary reason for that, though, is Diaz's father. He's publicly talked about transfers to Barcelona or Madrid, even claiming that his son is a Barca fan.

That sparked talk that Diaz could leave - though, there have also been suggestions that Paris Saint-Germain could want the Colombian as their Kylian Mbappé replacement.

Whatever the actual reason, it's apparently sparked at least some discussion at Liverpool. It's not clear whether the talk is coming from backroom staff or the players, but it's enough to be notable either way.

The Echo claim it would be "disingenuous" to suggest that Liverpool haven't contemplated selling Diaz this summer. With a rebuild coming naturally once the season is done, cashing in on the winger is a legitimate option for raising funds.

Luis Diaz - time to sell?

The discussion on Diaz goes back and forth. There are reasons to cash-in, certainly, while Diaz himself may feel justified in leaving the club.

Top of the reasons why he might is salary. Diaz remains on his 'starter' wage at Liverpool, having never signed a new deal since arriving from FC Porto. That puts him as one of the lowest earners in the first-team squad.

Now, Diaz will rightly feel he deserves more than that. Liverpool, though, can agree while also feeling it makes sense to sell him, rather than sign him to a bigger contract.

But there are also plenty of reasons to keep him around. Diaz has been Liverpool's best attacker over the last month, even if his efforts didn't translate to goals. Admittedly, he's been brutally unlucky with hitting the woodwork on a few occasions.

His performance against Manchester City was fantastic, too. Gary Neville had him down as 'absolutely amazing' in that one as he ran rings around the City's defenders.

Diaz at his best is a massive threat and a star who shines brightly when Liverpool are at their best. Whether we see that consistently enough is another debate, though.

Ultimately, the club must decide what's more likely to fix the side's problems: Diaz or the £75m he could bring in.

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