Romano says Liverpool could still 'absolutely' sign winger despite JAW-DROPPING demands

Liverpool could still ‘absolutely’ sign a new winger this summer, says Fabrizio Romano. That’s despite some crazy demands.

Fabrizio Romano claims Liverpool could still sign Anthony Gordon this summer. The Reds were in talks with Newcastle United in June, with the Magpies looking to sell players before July 1st in order to meet Premier League spending rules.

Nothing came of it, however - reportedly because Liverpool wouldn't include Jarell Quansah in a deal. Now that the PSR deadline has passed, a deal seems a lot less likely.

But Romano says that isn't necessarily the case.

“There’s a possibility absolutely,” the journalist told his Playback channel.

“Newcastle asked for big money and for Liverpool that was way too much,” Romano went on to explain. “If there is a normal price, an acceptable price, Gordon remains a player really appreciated and Gordon was keen on joining Liverpool.

“There is a feeling between Anthony Gordon and Liverpool, that’s very clear. A very positive feeling but Liverpool will not pay completely crazy money. If Newcastle drop the price that could be a possibility but now they’ve fixed their problems with financial fair play, so that’s it at the moment.”

Anthony Gordon asking price

Football Insider claims to know the 'big money' Newcastle are asking for. They put it at a 'jaw-dropping' £100m, with £75m of that upfront.

With that in mind, it's not too surprising that Liverpool said no. Newcastle paid £40m for Gordon in January 2023 and while he's certainly moved up a level since then, we're not sure his value should have more than doubled.

Liverpool, then, may need to wait this one out. It doesn't exactly feel likely that Newcastle will make Gordon available for a 'reasonable' price - but then, the Reds aren't exactly lacking left-wingers right now, either.

A lot has to change to make this one viable. While that could 'absolutely' happen, it's not one to hold your breath on.

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