Liverpool players calling season 'The Last Dance' - and not because of Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool players were calling this season 'The Last Dance' even before yesterday's shock news that Jurgen Klopp will leave the club.

Liverpool players all got a shock yesterday as Jurgen Klopp dropped earth-shattering news. The German will be stepping down as manager at the end of the season, after nearly nine years in charge.

Klopp isn't just the manager but really the face of the club right now. He's the longest-serving manager in the Premier League and the longest-serving at Anfield since Bob Paisley.

This is enormous news, then, and makes the rest of the season extra special as a result. Here's Klopp's last run at silverware, an attempt to go out on a bang and potentially deliver the sole trophy he hasn't won at Liverpool.

It brings about feelings of 'The Last Dance' - the nickname the Chicago Bulls had for their final season under Phil Jackson and with Michael Jordan in the team. Made famous by the documentary, of course.

Only, according to the Athletic, some Liverpool players were already calling this season The Last Dance - before they had any inkling that Klopp was leaving. So, why were they calling it that?

The Athletic's piece says that players felt this was Klopp's last run at a big season with this group of players. That would be the group of players who have been there throughout the success - Mohamed Salah, Virgil van Dijk, Joel Matip, Joe Gomez, Alisson Becker, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Andy Robertson.

Salah, Van Dijk and Alexander-Arnold are all out of contract in 2025. Matip is out of contract this summer. There was already a sense, then, that Liverpool could see big changes in the summer if they decide to make some moves.

Klopp's own contract technically only ran until 2025, too - he had an option to extend it to 2026 but it was always possible he wouldn't take it.

And so this season really does have 'The Last Dance' vibes. Klopp will leave, some other stars will have a chance to, and the club as we all know it will change dramatically after this campaign.

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