Liverpool owners FSG named in massive $1.5bn deal

Liverpool owners FSG are a part of an enormous $1.5bn deal with the PGA Tour. John Henry and co. continue to invest in sport.

The PGA Tour has confirmed a huge deal with Strategic Sports Group (SSG) this week that sees $1.5bn of investment. That could potentially reach $3bn.

The tour released a memo to players that sees golfers benefit from equity as a part of the deal, based on accomplishments and future commitments.

This all comes as the golfing world continues through massive investment. Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund kickstarted it all with the foundation of a rival tour, LIV.

However, a deal was struck between LIV and the PGA Tour that saw a partnership of sorts, while the PIF attempted to invest in the latter. That potential investment faces scrutiny in the US, however, as it could fall foul of antitrust laws.

So why is this relevant to Liverpool? Well, SSG is a consortium of US-based investors from numerous sports in the US. One of the main investors is FSG, who own the Reds.

John Henry helped strike the deal in a sign that FSG are very much looking to spend money right now. It remains to be seen whether Liverpool fans should take that as a positive or not.

On the one hand, it's good to see that FSG are feeling comfortable with opening the chequebook. On the other, they could be less inclined to open it after being a key part of a potential $3bn deal.

A report in the Athletic does claim that Liverpool feel their spending power should have increased on the back of stadium investment, though. So perhaps putting both stories together suggests FSG are feeling confident in their spending right now.

And that could, if we're being very glass-half-full, lead to a notable summer at Anfield in 2024.

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