Carragher reveals Arne Slot 'YES MAN' fears as Liverpool CLOSE IN

Liverpool appear to be close to appointing Arne Slot as successor to Jurgen Klopp. 

The Feyenoord manager confirmed his intentions to move to Anfield on Thursday, disclosing that his club and the Reds are now in discussion over the move. 

There is still a way to go with compensation to be agreed, but things are expected to move quickly and Liverpool will be able to plan for a post-Klopp future. 

Having seen choices like Xabi Alonso, Ruben Amorim and Julian Nagelsmann fade away, Liverpool have settled on Slot. 

The 45-year-old is admired behind the scenes at Liverpool for his player development and his style of football, but observers like Jamie Carragher fear it might be one step up too far for an Eredivisie manager

The Champions League-winning defender added to those comments earlier this week, questioning whether Slot had the aura to go toe to toe with bigger managers like Pep Guardiola, and also revealing his concerns that Liverpool had got themselves a “yes man”. 

Liverpool not getting a Klopp figure

“I would imagine [Xabi] Alonso was right at the top of that list for what he's done at Leverkusen but also the connection,” he told The Overlap.

“Liverpool is different to almost any club in that the manager is always the God.

“The fella who goes the game home and away, who's not into his stats or his data, he just wants to see this fella and he thinks he's going to win us the league, he's going to take us on a journey. 

“Can this guy stand next to Pep Guardiola on the touchline and you feel like we can go head to head with this guy?

Arne Slot Feyenoord

Arne Slot Feyenoord

“I just think whether it's the timing of there's not those big managers out there, that, whoever you were going to bring in was not going to be a Klopp figure.

“I would say if you bring in the Feyenoord manager it almost feels like you’re going down the list.”

Carragher also added that it was telling that as soon as Klopp announced he was leaving the club, Michael Edwards and other recruitment figures such as David Woodfine came back into the fold. 

Carragher: Surely we haven't got a 'yes man'?

“Michael [Edwards] was the sporting director. He was there at the start with Klopp and they obviously fell out for whatever reason and a lot of his team have moved on. As soon as Klopp's gone, they come back. It's like the band’s back together.

“The owners FSG almost felt it was more important to get that structure back than who the next manager was.

“I just hope with the people who've come in at Liverpool, they've been there before they know the club really well. 

“Don't ever forget how big the connection's got to be with the Liverpool support and you might say that's the same with every fan.

"But that thing of like: he's our man, he can fight against Pep, he can fight against whoever the Man United manager is, and we haven't just got a coach there who basically is a “yes man” behind the scenes surely.”

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