Portuguese journalist BLASTS Ruben Amorim and 'inept agent' over Liverpool circus

Ruben Amorim and his agent Raul Costa have been slammed by one Portuguese journalist for their misguided flight to the United Kingdom, with the Sporting CP boss branded 'not mature enough' for a top job. 

The 39-year-old was long considered the favourite for the Liverpool hot seat after Xabi Alonso decided to stay at Bayer Leverkusen, but the Reds opted for Feyenoord's Arne Slot instead.

Liverpool were reportedly not pleased with Amorim's demands and attempts to put pressure on the club, with the Sporting manager visiting the United Kingdom to enter talks with West Ham United - a ploy to get a better deal from Liverpool.

The Reds ruled themselves out of the running shortly afterwards and West Ham are now also unlikely to pursue the Sporting coach, although there have been suggestions that Liverpool were likely to reject Amorim regardless.

The ill-advised tactic he used in an attempt to secure the Liverpool job backfired spectacularly and it now appears that the Sporting boss may not even leave Lisbon this summer.


Writing for Record, journalist Eduardo Damaso launched a scathing attack on Amorim, blaming his immaturity and his agent's ineptitude for failing to secure a high-profile switch this summer.

"On the verge of a classic of the greatest importance, Amorim, known for the emotional intelligence he has shown in leading the Sporting team, made a huge false step that, ultimately, could have cost the Lions the title," wrote Damaso.

"In the end, he showed, by himself and through the actions of an inept agent, that Liverpool was a mirage. It showed that the quick trip to London to talk to someone from West Ham seemed like a poorly executed market auction and, much worse, that control of the team on the eve of a game with FC Porto would be a minor matter.

Rúben Amorim, Sporting manager and Liverpool target.

Ruben Amorim has apparently ruled out coaching Liverpool next season.

"It is a clear accident in the course that, incidentally, also highlights something else: if Amorim's qualities as a coach are indisputable, he will not yet be mature enough to think about higher flights than Sporting and the Portuguese League.

"After this episode, certainly softened by the upcoming title celebration, one thing is certain: Amorim is closer to having to tell Frederico Varandas [Sporting's president] that he is staying than asking him to let him go and take on some other challenge.

"It's just that, at this moment, it's easier for Frederico Varandas to find a suitable replacement, than for Amorim to find Liverpool to his satisfaction."

While Liverpool may not have pursued Amorim regardless of his West Ham discussions, it was certainly a manoeuvre that highlighted his inexperience at the elite level - and maybe the Reds dodged a bullet.

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