Liverpool to be hurt by Man City case 'in particular'; FSG are in big trouble

Liverpool and Arsenal will be hurt by Manchester City’s battle against the Premier League, according to one expert.

Manchester City shocked world football this week as they mounted a legal challenge against the Premier League. To say it wasn't well-received would be an understatement - they're essentially threatening the very fabric of English football.

It's a fight the Premier League must win for the sake of the game. But it's also one that could affect Liverpool greatly.

That's the point made by Keith Wyness, the former Everton CEO who now runs a consultancy that advises elite football clubs. He believes the likes of the Reds and Arsenal could suffer enormously if City get their way.

“This argument is about trying to protect PSR, with City trying to blow it up," he told Football Insider's Insider Track podcast. “If they were to be successful, it would polarise things into the haves and the have-nots.

“Certainly Saudi Arabia have got extremely deep pockets, the United Arab Emirates – it would give a problem to clubs like Liverpool and Arsenal in particular.

“It’s the wrong way to be going. We should be trying to maintain as much jeopardy and sporting integrity as possible.

“It’s a simple thing to ask for, but it’s being poisoned by the unbridled greed we’re seeing from City."

Liverpool under threat

Both Liverpool and Arsenal operate under the idea that the Premier League has rules you must abide by. They work within their means and while both clubs certainly have far greater means than the vast majority of clubs, they're still fundamentally sustainable.

The only way they're able to compete is because rules are in place to be self-sustaining. Without them, generating your own money counts for absolutely nothing.

The likes of City and Newcastle would have the means to blow both Liverpool and Arsenal out of the water. The wealth divide would become so unimaginably great that it's difficult to see how they could compete.

And that's just with things as they are now. City winning their legal case would open the door wide open for all sorts of possible owners who would have a green light to do whatever they want.

The Premier League should be doing all it can to curb the wealth disparity from top to bottom - it's too great as it is, with too many clubs kept from truly competing. City, however, want to make it even great and limit the number of competitive clubs to one, essentially.

If they succeed, FSG's entire plan at Liverpool falls to pieces and we're not sure where that would lead. Certainly nowhere good.

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