Liverpool's most successful captains in the Premier League era — ranked

With Jordan Henderson's move to Saudi Arabia now just missing some dotted i's and crossed t's, Liverpool are in need of a new captain.

The next man with the armband will be the Reds' tenth permanent incumbent since the advent of the Premier League in 1992.

But who's been the most successful?

Here are all Liverpool's Premier League captains ranked by how many trophies they lifted.

Mark Wright, John Barnes, Paul Ince — 0 trophies

Caveat here: Wright and Barnes did, of course, win honours during their time with the Reds, just none while leading the team, which is what we're focussed on right now.

Jamie Redknapp — 1 trophy

You could argue, he technically won three, but also not really any.

While Redknapp was Liverpool skipper between the years of 1999 and 2002, his serious knee injuries meant he wasn't around for a lot of the time, even when it came time to do the trophy lifting.

Though he wasn't on the podium for the other two parts of the famous treble in 2001, Redders did get a chance to do the honours when he and Robbie Fowler jointly held aloft the FA Cup. He was, however, wearing a suit rather than match kit, having played zero minutes in the entire campaign.

Jamie Carragher — 2 trophies

Another technicality here. While Carragher was never permanent captain, he has lifted a couple of trophies while wearing the armband.

Steven Gerrard's calf injury kept him out of the 2005 UEFA Super Cup in Monaco, leaving Carra to skipper duties. The Reds won 3-1 thanks to a Djibril Cisse brace and the Reds' long-serving vice got his moment on the podium.

Liverpool's second-highest appearance maker also started the day as captain in the 2006/07 Community Shield and awkwardly lifted that big plate alongside Gerrard.

Ian Rush – 2 trophies

A little more clear cut here. Rush was Reds captain between 1993 and 1996, when they won the FA Cup (1992) and League Cup (1995).

The moustachioed hitman has a lot more honours in his cabinet but they came in the pre-armband days.

Robbie Fowler — 3 trophies

Homegrown striker Fowler was made joint club captain during the treble-winning 2000/01 season, due to Redknapp's injury, and got to lift three trophies (FA Cup, League Cup and UEFA Cup) as Gerard Houllier's side completed a fantastic campaign.

The League Cup was the only time he lifted a trophy alone though, sharing the stage with Redknapp for the FA Cup and Sami Hyypia for the UEFA Cup.

Steven Gerrard — 4 trophies

Feels like it should've been more, doesn't it?

Stevie G obviously lifted the Champions League in 2005 and FA Cup in 2006 — dragging his team kicking and screaming to the podium on both occasions.

He was also skipper for the Community Shield (2006/07) and League Cup (2011/12), but that's your lot, I'm afraid.

Sami Hyypia — 4 trophies

The big Finn was stand-in skip for a lot of his second season at Liverpool, with Redknapp perma-crocked and Fowler regularly either injured or left out in favour of Emile Heskey.

He led the Reds out for both the last-gasp 2-1 win over Arsenal in the FA Cup and classic 5-4 win over Alaves in the UEFA Cup final during the 2000/01 season, but only got his moment raising the trophy first for the former.

However, he also got to captain the side for the 2001/02 Community Shield, 2001 UEFA Super Cup and 2003 League Cup victories.

Jordan Henderson — 7 trophies

Regardless of how history judges his final days at Liverpool, Henderson is far and away Liverpool's most decorated captain — since 1992 anyway.

The man Brendan Rodgers tried to dump on Fulham would go on to shuffle his way to the Champions League (2019), UEFA Super Cup (2019), Club World Cup (2019), Premier League (2020), FA Cup (2022), League (2022) and Community Shield (2023).

The next man in line has a big armband to fill...

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