Liverpool may have a shot at signing Kylian Mbappé

Kylian Mbappé first earned his spot in the spotlight outside the focus of football fans when he left Monaco for Paris Saint Germain in a transfer worth €180 million [that’s close to £154 million today] back in 2017.

This transfer made him the second most expensive football player [and the most expensive teenager] ever to be transferred from one club to the other. Today, his name is known all over the world, popping up everywhere from ESPN to Vwin- he is widely considered one of the best active footballers today.

And Liverpool Football Club seem to have a shot at signing him.

Out of PSG

Back in 2018, Mbappé signed a four-year contract with Paris Saint Germain. He had a choice between the Parisian team and Real Madrid under the helm of Zinedine Zidane - the latter, in turn, wouldn’t guarantee him a starting position as the team had an attack consisting of Benzema, Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo at the time. That, and the chance to play in his native Paris, tipped the balance toward PSG.

Now, in turn, he is entering the final year of his contract with no extension in place. While PSG director Leonardo Araújo has repeatedly expressed his optimism on the team and Mbappé striking a deal, the French wunderkind has repeatedly turned down the offers - at one point, he was reportedly offered a salary of around £35 million a year, £3 million more than Neymar.

Where to?

Several French sports papers and portals report that Mbappé has no desire to remain at PSG. But where will he go?

According to recent reports, the number 1 contender to sign him was Real Madrid - was, because the Spanish team reportedly reached an agreement with striker Erling Haaland currently playing with Borussia Dortmund. As the German team is expected to demand around £150 million for the player, it is highly unlikely that Real will target another high-profile - and certainly expensive - player like Mbappé. Especially after the severe losses, the club suffered last year.

Liverpool FC has a shot

In the last few years, Liverpool kept its acquisitions on the cautious side, as if saving up for a young and talented player. One of the players the Reds reportedly had their eyes on Jadon Sancho for years - since the time he played with Manchester City’s youth team. Now, in turn, it’s speculated that the Reds have given up on their plan to bring Sancho to Anfield, hoping to sign the 22-year-old Frenchman instead.

Mbappé will certainly leave PSG next year - if everything remains as it is now, of course - and may reach an agreement with Liverpool. How his stellar pay will fit into the Reds’ carefully balanced pay structure is something the club has to work out until then.

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