Arne Slot told he could REGRET Anfield move by ex-Liverpool manager

Arne Slot could end up regretting his move to Liverpool, according to one former Reds’ boss. The Dutchman is hotly tipped to take over soon.

Arne Slot will almost certainly be the next Liverpool manager. The Reds have agreed a compensation package with Feyenoord to take their manager - now it's just about personal terms.

That's not expected to be a problem, though. Slot publicly announced his desire to move to Liverpool and it should only be a matter of time before things are confirmed.

But has Slot been hasty in accepting the offer? Former Liverpool manager Graeme Souness feels he could end up regretting the move, if only because of the difficulties in following Jurgen Klopp.

"[Slot] has big shoes to fill and I know from experience what it is like replacing managers who are so highly regarded at their club," Souness told the Daily Mail. "I followed Kenny Dalglish at Liverpool and Sir Bobby Robson at Newcastle.

"At the time, I didn’t think twice about it and was confident in my own ability. It didn’t keep me awake at night. But looking back, they were two jobs I shouldn’t have taken. I should have stayed at Glasgow Rangers and enjoyed the fruits of the hard work I’d put in during my five years at the club instead of going to Liverpool when I did.

"Newcastle was the same - I’d done the hard work at Blackburn and got promoted, finished sixth, won a trophy and played in Europe twice. I should have stayed and built on that. I walked into a club that was very difficult."

Arne Slot can't say no

But Souness admits that Slot can't exactly say no to Liverpool here. Even if he ultimately comes to regret the move, it's a job he has to take.

"Not that Slot can say no to Liverpool," Souness continued. "That is impossible. The point I make is that managing these big football clubs has never been easy, and it’s even harder now.

"He must learn from the failings of others who have made the same journey."

Making it at the very top is incredibly difficult, especially when you've never been there before. Slot will have a bit of learning-on-the-job to do as a result but Liverpool clearly believe it won't be an issue.

If they're right, Slot will have no regrets and he can achieve what Souness was unable to.

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