Liverpool look on with interest as Man City set for hearing over 115 charges in 'near future'

Liverpool's anxious wait to discover the outcome of the 115 Financial Fair Play charges against Manchester City may be coming to an end soon, with the Premier League's CEO confirming a hearing will take place in the 'near future'. 

Man City were charged in early 2023 with allegedly breaching 115 FFP rules from 2009-2018, although the club strongly refute those claims.

Recent points deductions handed to Everton and Nottingham Forest by the Premier League have led to frustrations over the time its taken to deal with Man City's charges, although the sheer volume of charges against the Sky Blues makes it a more complicated and time-consuming process.

However, the footballing world could soon find out what the consequences will be for Man City should they be found guilty of failing to provide accurate financial information over the aforementioned nine-year period.


Richard Masters, CEO of the Premier League, has spoken about the investigation into Man City during a European Leagues press conference on Friday.

Masters stated: "We can't comment on the case, the date is set. The case will resolve itself at some point in the near future."

While Masters refused to announce an official date for the hearing, football supporters will be hopeful that it will indeed be sorted in the 'near future' given the recent punishments handed to Everton and Forest for more minor offences.

Speaking back in January, Masters revealed why it was taking so much time to deal with Man City's alleged breaches.

"They are very different charges," said the Premier League CEO. "If any club, whether they are the current champions or otherwise, had been found in breach of the spending rules for year '23, they would be in exactly the same position as Everton or Nottingham Forest.

"The volume and character of the charges laid before Man City, which I cannot talk about at all, are being heard in a completely different environment. There is a date set for that proceeding."

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