Liverpool legend 'back in the cesspit of X' after his account was hacked during England game

Liverpool legend and pundit Jamie Carragher has regained access to his X (formerly Twitter) account after it was hacked during the England match on Tuesday night, causing a mixture of confusion and amusement among his followers.

Carragher's account (@Carra23), boasting 2.2 million followers, was hacked at around 8pm during The Three Lions' Euro 2024 final group-phase match against Slovenia.

The incident saw the account compromised and temporarily renamed @XAiPremium before it began posting unusual content, including cryptocurrency promotions.

In the midst of the hacking incident, one user even attempted to claim Carragher's original handle, offering to return it for $500.

This account was swiftly suspended, suggesting prompt action from Carragher's team to resolve the issue.

The 46-year-old, who now works as an analyst for Sky Sports and CBS Sports, finally regained control of his account on Wednesday afternoon.

Carragher saw the funny side of his X hacking

When Carragher finally regained access to his account, he addressed the situation in a post.

Showing that he saw the funny side of the episode, he wrote: "Apologies for anyone who got a strange DM off me last night after I’d been hacked! It now looks like I’m back in the cess pit of X!"

During the breach itself, many fans noted that the chaos on Carragher's feed was more entertaining than England's lacklustre 0-0 draw against Slovenia.

One fan posted, "Someone would really rather hack Jamie Carragher than watch Southgate ball".

Several users, including betting company Paddy Power, took the opportunity to make jokes at Carragher's expense: "For anybody who wants something more entertaining than this England match, try Jamie Carragher's Twitter profile."

Fans also speculated that the hack might be part of a larger data breach, as several accounts were compromised on the same night. However, there has been no official confirmation of a widespread leak.

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